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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites that allows its users to register free of cost.They can make their profile, upload videos and picture, can send messages and be in touch with near ones. Nowadays we are using the facebook both for the personal and commercial use.People can face different types of problems during the use of Facebook can communicate with the Facebook Customer Support.

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A most developed technology without which we cant live. It is an internet-based platform where we can get connected with the people, we can also say that it is the communication channel which includes content sharing, Interaction with different people. Social media is growing rapidly, More and more teenagers and adults are joining the different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook to communicate with family, friends etc.


1.Not Able To Install Facebook App  

 Many times it happens that we are not able to install facebook on our phone. We have to just restart our phone or can reboot or just clean the junk data. Now try again to install it.


2.Facebook Privacy Setting

 As you are using the facebook every time. There is a need to maintain the privacy on Facebook. Don't mention more things on Facebook, block the search engine Indexing.


3.Facing Problem With Video Call Sound

 You have seen that is there any mute button on the headset and microphone, Check it. If an external microphone is used just confirm is it plugged into the correct port of the computer. Confirm that any other program that uses video calling, chat application if any just close it.


4.Unwanted Messages

As we are using the facebook we receive unwanted messages from the unknown people. so we have to just block that user on Facebook Chat.


5.Facebook Payment Issue

Nowadays people are using Facebook for personal as well as for commercial use. So for the different business ad promotion on Facebook, we have to pay. The online payment option is given on the facebook app but sometimes the user is not able to pay and face different problem then they can call the Facebook Customer Support

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Facebook has lots of users, it faces different types of issues frequently related to payment or logging in. Our Facebook Customer Service is open 24/7 for resolving any kind of issue related to Facebook.

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